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After years of thinking, starting, stopping, starting again, running out of money, finding money, and starting again, we can finally say…

Welcome to Higher Circle!

Over the next couple of days, we will be ready to launch our first public funding. Needless to say, we still have lots to do. Our developers (who are the definition of awesome) have been helping, guiding, and educating us on the process of creating a highly collaborative funding platform.  Instead of building a giant website, we’ve decided to go with a lean but powerful model. Of course, we’ll be collecting feedback from our users to improve our website.

Our first public project—Opening Books to Open Doors—is with a really cool children’s education media company in Ethiopia called Tsehai (pronounced suh-hiLoves LearningTsehai Loves Learning is a show featuring Tsehai, a female giraffe puppet who explores life and learning with her family, friends, and neighbors. When I visited Ethiopia in 2007, I met the brilliant wife-and-husband founding team of the show, Bruktawit (Brukty) and Shane Etzenhouser. In Brukty’s own words, their purpose is to “enrich the lives of children through educational media.”  After watching one episode I was absolutely amazed.  Over the years I’ve watched from afar as they have won numerous national and international awards, such as the Japan Prize 2008, Prix Jeunesse International 2008, Pan-African Award for Entrepreneurship 2008, and Addis Ababa University’s School of Journalism Award in 2007, amongst others. Brukty herself is the recipient of the 2010 Rolex Awards for Enterprise, and the 2011 Tech Awards.

Tsehai Loves Learning has made incredible inroads in reaching 5 million Ethiopian children with their shows. You can imagine we couldn’t hope for a better organization to begin with.

We are very much looking forward to sharing Tsehai Loves Learning with you in the coming days.  Similarly, we can’t wait to begin this process of providing much-needed capital to innovative developing market entrepreneurs around the world. Our true hope is that Higher Circle’s fun, transparent, and highly collaborative funding platform will assist in raising living standards and eliminating world poverty.

About Higher Circle

Higher Circle
Higher Circle is a fun, transparent, and collaborative funding platform. We support innovative and passionate developing market entrepreneurs whose enterprises create measurable and lasting social and economic growth in their local regions. Our space is a hybrid of crowdfunding and loan lending where entrepreneurs, individuals, and investors can come together to fund projects in various areas, from agriculture, food security, and women’s rights; to sustainable development, renewable/alternative energy, education, and much more.